"Busy" is a bad word.

"Busy" is a bad word.

We’ve started shaming people for using it and to an extent, I get it. It’s been abused, used as an excuse to cancel plans or feel superior to our friends. 

But the truth is, we are busy. When our heads hit the pillow at the end of the day, the things that we’ve accomplished are great in number. There are so many things vying our attention today, especially online. That’s not to say that our ancestors weren’t busy too — they sure as heck were! But we’ve made all the things they used to be busy with easier, and instead of becoming less busy, we’ve found other things to fill that time.

Half of the people I work with have a business on the side. They travel constantly, for work or otherwise. They have growing families. They’re building their homes. They’re volunteering, hiking, training for ultramarathons. What do you call that, other than busy? 

‘Busy’ isn’t a meaningless word, but a vague one, and often an excuse. “I’m too busy” or "I don't have time" is something we have all said, thought, felt, worried about it. But truthfully, busy people can do anything! It’s all about how you prioritize. 

The next time you find yourself thinking or saying “I don’t have time to do X,” say “ X (or a benefit of X) isn't a priority.”

I don’t have time to cook" becomes “eating well isn't a priority.” 

"I don't have time to meet for coffee" becomes "my friendship with you isn't a priority." 

It feels icky to say it that way, but it is what we are saying when we say we don't have time. By constantly using the excuse “I don’t have time,” we're denying ourselves the benefits of an awesome life, because we're not choosing things we know should be priorities.

But time isn’t real. It’s a thing we made up, like money or languages, to give life more structure and make things easier. We can’t hold time, so we never had it in the first place! All we have are our choices. 

So what are you choosing do? What is a priority? Because busy people can do anything. What will you do?